Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Black and White Pattern Nails

Do you need a change for fall?  Why not give yourself a black and white pattern manicure.  There are easy ways to create a professional look without spending a lot of money in the process.  Here are three different methods to create this pattern look. To achieve this manicure you'll need to use a dotting tool-for the dots, nail tattoos-for the butterflies, and nail wraps-for a metallic looking nail.

To start the pattern off paint the pointer finger white and the pinky finger black.  Once the nails dry put black polka-dots on the white nail and white polka-dots on the black nail.  Make sure you keep the dots looking the same on each finger.  The polka dot nails give a great pop to the manicure.  The opposing colors create contrast, while the same polka-dot pattern creates consistency.

To continue the black and white pattern use Dashing Diva butterfly nail tattoos.  I put the tattoos on my thumb and ring finger to create the pattern effect.  There are benefits to nail tattoos that you don't get with other methods.  First of all nail tattoos are easy to apply and easy to clean. Also, nail tattoos can be cut up to the shape you want and applied using a wet cloth.  The nail tattoos are also beneficial since there are many details in nail tattoos that are hard to achieve by hand.

Some of the finer details in the butterfly tattoos are silver sparkle accents.  To compliment the silver in the nail tattoo I decided to add a silver ebuy nail wrap over the last nail.  The nail wrap has a transparent polka dot pattern so you can see the white nail polish underneath. The nail wrap is easy to apply.  All you have to do is wait till your manicure is dry then peel off the nail wrap.  Apply the wrap like you would a sticker, with the sticky part down- line up the round end of the nail wrap with the bottom of the nail.  Then add pressure starting from the bottom of the nail bed and rubbing up to the free edge.  Once the nail wrap is smooth file off the excess part.

After the last nail is done, go back and apply a top coat to all nails except the nail wrap.  The nail wrap doesn't need a top coat. Once the nails are dry you can go out and enjoy your new fashion statement.  Make these nails pop by carrying a small black leather clutch.  After all, half the fun of a black and white pattern manicure is picking out accessories to match!

Dashing Diva's Butterfly Tattoos

ebuy's Nail Wraps